Water efficiency, storage and recycling and flooding

The demands on our water supply in the south-east are always increasing, at the same time the risk of flooding is increasing as weather patterns change. Water efficiency looks to reduce the demand for water in the home at the same time as protecting against flooding, and of course reducing your water bill.

  • Water efficiency- check for leaks in your plumbing regularly using a competent plumber, and have any leaks fixed quickly. Replace or have mended any appliances that may be broken, when buying a new appliance look carefully at its energy efficiency grade and consider options such as low or dual flush WC’s or flow restrictors.
  • Boreholes are wells in the ground that can provide drinking water.
  • Grey water recycling systems use water collected from showers, baths and taps for flushing toilets or watering the garden.
  • Rainwater collection is one of the simplest methods of recycling water, a water butt is cheap and easy to install and the water can be used for watering the garden, flushing toilets, washing machines and for filling hot tubs and swimming pools. It also reduces surface run off and so protects against flooding.
  • Flooding is an increasing threat and as well as collecting rainwater also consider the materials that you lay on the ground, make sure they are permeable so water can soak into the ground rather than running into sewers. If you do not have one already, have a soakaway installed rather than sending rainwater into the sewers, maintain ponds and natural waterways, and have a green roof.